Added by on 2012-12-04

Relationships go boring without fun and laughter, but now you can change that by playing some pranks on your boyfriend. There are some simple pranks such as:

  • Boiled eggs that you place in the fridge. The idea is simple: you get the eggs from the fridge and boil them very much. Then, you place them back in the fridge exactly the same way they were before. It will be difficult for him to prepare scrambled eggs for breakfast.


  • Another great idea is related to his phone. Change your name to the name of one of his best guy friends. Send him many lovey-dovey messages. He will be sure that his friend is gay. He will surely be scared.
  • Get a hat and cover it with butter paper and coat it with a lot of cream and chocolate sauce. Make sure that you prepare in such a way that it looks as a cake from the outside. Tell him that you have baked him a cake and give this to him. Yes, it will be difficult for you to control your laughter when you’ll be doing that, but make sure that this prank works.


  • Set his alarm for midnight, but also set other alarms that you hide in his room. Set them at every half an hour after the first alarm rings. Be sure that he’ll have a sleepless night.


  • While he’s sleeping, draw some lines on his face with a marker pen. When he’ll wake up and look in the mirror, it will be a lot of fun. It would be great is he won’t notice and leave the house like that.

These are simple pranks that will add fun to your love relationship. You two will have a wonderful time and laugh a lot.