Added by on 2012-06-12

Pranks on husbands or wives surely are the funniest ones. If you are going to remain together for the rest of your lives, why not making things a lot of fun? No matter your reasons in wanting to play a prank on your husband, you should elaborate it thoughtfully, to make sure that the effect will be the expected one. So, thinking about an elaborate scheme to fool your life partner is the first step you will have to complete. If the prank will be played on April Fools, you should be extra careful as your husband might expect it and when there is no surprise element, the chances that you have in succeeding are going to be much decreased.

If you plan on pranking your husband, the best idea would be to choose something during his morning routine. You can have a lot of fun by telling your husband “Happy Anniversary” right since the moment when we will wake up. He will literary panic, as he will have no idea what to say. You can take things to a whole new level by offering him a gift, too. Naturally, the first thing he will think about is that he has no gift for you and he will disappoint you. You can make a sad face and accuse him of forgetting about your day. Even though he will probably realize that it was a prank the moment when completely walking up, you can have a lot of fun. Another idea would be putting salt on your husband’s toothbrush. You will see how he reacts and prank him once again by changing his breakfast. If he has milk and cereals, place soda into the milk bottle and change the content of the cereals box, too. You can also add condiments or a lot of salt into the milk and he will only notice the taste when his breakfast will be ready.

One of the classical pranks on husbands is the cheating story. Buy some men clothes or use the ones that your husband has, but does not use any longer. You can also borrow them from some friends, your brother or even your dad. Rent a car too, and have it parked right in front of the house, before your husband arrives home. Place the clothes around the room and make the shape of a men in your bed with the usage of some pillows. Your husband will immediately freak out that there is another men in your bed. There is no way such a prank will not be amazingly funny.